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Locanda San Cipriano

When someone asks us “who are you?” We usually answer “a florin!

Our history starts from the florin’s city, the beautiful Florence. We started to love cooking when, after a few months of college meal, we realized that with a normal kitchenette it was possible to create noteworthy dishes. “Better than eating at the canteen,” we thought. The inevitable “box” of delicatessen from the deep South allowed us to finally avoid the usual rice with the sauce. In Florence, the culinary art for Antonio also becomes a job, thanks to the meeting with chef Stefano, who definitively indicates him the “way of food“. Lovers of this art and encouraged by an unbearable desire to eat, we decided to move to England, well known home of food (we lost 30 pounds in two!), but we learned English. To recover lost pounds, but above all to start creating our own dishes, as our profession teaches us, we returned to Italy and for a couple of years we lived in different capitals of food. From Parma to Foligno, from Padova to Rome, to stabilize for a few years in the Homeland of the Sacred Pig: Modena. In Modena, July 2, 2011, our life changes. Our first born, Vincenzo, gave us the boost to do something different: return to the South, our South. After a few months we bought the Inn and decided to enclose our traveling history in our menu. Knowing the difficulties of introducing many culinary cultures into a single menu, we’re trying to carry on our inn with great passion and genuineness. On 21 December 2015, our family grew with the arrival of our wonderful daughter, Aida.




Surrounded by green, among olive groves that characterize the landscape and secular oaks that emphasize its importance, San Cipriano’s Inn offers a spectacular view of Vallo Di Diano, framed by Cilento National Park‘s mountains . The Inn falls into an important archaeological area. Infact, in front of the square, there is a large boulder that was part of the pre-Roman megalithic wall back in the 6th century BC.  There are traces of the ancient walls for more than 800 meters at length, discontinuous and on a semi-bissoidal line of about two kilometers from the west, Porta d’Aquila, to the east, hill of Serrone (where the inn is located).

On the restaurant structure, from verbally-handed news, it’s said that there was an old church named after San Cipriano. Some documents dated 800/700 indicates that the area was first called San Cipriano, then it became Serrone. The church was destroyed during the earthquake in 1856/1857 and was no longer rebuilt. On the remains, an inn was built and then restored in the early 2000s.



The inn menu is an itinerant one, like our story. It goes from the traditional dishes of Campania’s hinterland to typical cuts of Florentine meat, from Calabrian codfish to London’s fish and chips, from the Emilian tigella to the typical Caciocavallo of our area. As you all know, creativity is hard to tame, and for this reason, we decided to go with its flow to satisfy even most demanding customer’s appetite.

We will try to do our best to maintain a seasonal logic in the menu’s setting. Our inn takes part in the AIC (Italian Celiac Association) project for out-of-home food. We make our gluten-free pasta daily, carefully following all the procedures for proper preparation. We are supplied by skilled and authorized local craftsmen for the production of gluten-free, dry and fresh pasta.


A reservation

Reservation by phone / online

We take a reservation for lunch and dinner, from 10.00 am to 8.30 pm. To reserve a table, please contact us via the contact section’s phone numbers or  book through tripadvisor by clicking on the designated button in this section. Overtime reservations will not be taken into account.

Private Dinner / Events

For any event or celebration, we are happy to accommodate your requests and make your stay memorable by providing our picturesque rooms with a family atmosphere combined with the unique flavors that our kitchen offers. In addition, we also have a small playground for the children.